Rules For Car Dealers

Supercar Saturdays is an event run by volunteers for the enjoyment of Chicago's automotive enthusiast community. We pour countless hours of work and thousands of dollars into an event that we have never taken a dollar out of. That said, we will not under any circumstances allow anyone to make a profit off of the time and money we have invested.  This is not fair to us or those sponsors who have made contributions to the sucess of these events.

Supercar Saturdays provides a unique opportunity to market your business to Chicagoland automotive enthusiasts through SPONSORSHIP. For more information about sponsoring Supercar Saturdays, please email Jeremy at

As a result of the behavior of several car dealers, we have no other choice than to deliniate in writing the subsequent list of rules and regulations for car dealers:

  • 1.) No window stickers, this means from the second you turn into the venue until the second you leave there should be no window sticker visible; take it off, roll the window down, put duct tape over it, whatever it takes. If you are seen with a window sticker on your car you will be asked to leave.

  • 2.) No literature or business cards on, in, or around the car. "I forgot those were in thr trunk" is not an excuse and you will be asked to leave. Don't hand them out either. 

  • 3.) Don't stand next to the car your brought the majority of the time. It looks like you're trying to sell the car you brought rather than walking around enjoying the event.

  • 4.) Don't dress like a salesman at an event where people wear casual attire; you'll stick out like a sore thumb and it looks like you're there trying to sell.

  • 5.) Come as a "car guy" not someone with commercial interest. The car may be for sale but if we feel like you're actively trying to sell it or combing our attendees for customers we'll ask you to leave and you will no longer be welcome at SCS events.
Have we mentioned sponsorship? You like the event enough to attend it, so go a step further and support the substantial costs associated with running it. In exchange we'll feature you on our website, in emails, and even do our best help you sell a few more cars this year. What are you waiting for? Email for more info!